Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why am I such a pack rat?

Why am I such a pack rat? I ask myself. When I start to throw things away, I think Oh I can make something with that. And I do eventually. I can call it recycling (that will make me feel better), but sometimes I let it overwhelm me. Why? why do I save everything. I use to complain about my granny saving everything. Now I am just like her. I want my house to be organzied. It is hard when you save everthing. But anyhow, I had some really intense dreams last nite. Idreamed I was working in busy salon. and wanted to. I have had times when I don't know what to do. i do have a good job outside of doing hair. But my passion is hair. I dream of working or having a nice salon that offers everything. I could let it comsume my life. Like my husband does about Harley's. I know I could provide myself with a happy medium with both. My family life and my job (salon) life. I just have to provide the balance.

Edisto Beach

My husband and I had a chance to still away for a weekend getaway to Edisto Beach, South Carolina; on the Harley. It was so pretty and laid back. We watched to sunset Friday nite and Saturday nite. I enjoyed the food. The wind was blowing pretty bad on Saturday. and I got cold. I had to take a HOT shower to get warmed up. But we needed a few days to reconnect with each other and enjoy the ride.