Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making Some MORE storage...

 When I was getting ready for Where Bloggers Create 2013 I was in a closet, but now I'm turning a whole room into my space.  I'm always looking for new storage.  And I found these old silver canisters for .50 each, And I had an idea..I painted them white, put a cute gem pull and stamped the front and LOVE how they turned out...
Now, I've got to go to work.... Stay tuned for more inspiration...


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

Welcome to my little craft closet.. We have been moving and I thought I'd be done by now. Only got this much done. It's hard downsizing. Might have to come out into room. but for now enjoy a few pictures.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meet my Grandchildren

This is why I haven't been posting and CREATEing..  These sweet lil' bundle of joys having totally took over my life.  And they bring such JOY!!! I don't get to CREATE often as  I like, other than making them some cute outfit.  but I am going to start making time to CREATE. I need it for.. CREATE-ing is my nerve meds. LOL..
 This is my newest addition to my family. Tryston , he is 5 months now.. He's got the sweetest sugar.
Different shots through out the year with my sweeties.. I will be showing them off from time to time with my CREATE-ing.. Just wanted you to know where I've been.



Back in September 2012, my husband and myself went Junk'n.  He doesn't really care for it.. But I totally adore it.  Here is a few pic's of some of my favorite thingsl

Why didn't I come home with this sweet lil' cup, I really wished I did.
 I simply adore blue dishes...
 I really loved this booth. The cabinet in the back is simply adorable.. 

LOVE, LOVE this tool box.. I could use this in my craftroom storing items. Going to create this..
I didn't buy a thing, just window shopped.  Fun lil' getaway..