Sunday, April 25, 2010

Woodbine Crawfish Festival

A new passion of mine, (which it has always been, but not taking the time) is craft shows. I love them. I'm getting prepared for joining some at the end of the year. I went to the Crawfish Festival in Woodbine this weekend, just to check it out. I met some friends that are Etsian's. I've always wanted to try out the soy candles and tarts. I bought some from The flavors I got are Linen and Monkey farts. I thought that was a funny name was kind of scared to smell it. But it was quite yummy. I burned one of the designer candles when we got home until I went to bed about 8-9 hours, It looks like hardly any was used. And my house abosoulely smelled delicious. So clean, and no smoke.

Then we hopped on over to and picked up some yummy soap for my super dry skin. It made my skin feel so good. and the smell is AWESOME.

We pick up some other items, but these two artist was great. I loved there display and their packageing...

We had a wonderful time, even though I was sick with some kind of flu bug. Next week I hope to attend the Shrimp Festival at Feridenia Beach.

Monday, April 19, 2010