Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life and Inspiration from the Honey Bee Festival

It seems I allow my passion take TOTAL control of me..LOL.. I daydream.. and totally focus ALL my thoughts, desires, will to my crafts. Even to the point of neglecting my home and somewhat my family.. My DH had a heart to heart with me.. So now getting my prioities in order so I can still be able to use my creative outlet so I want go stir crazy.. There for a couple of days I was just thinking of just quit crafting, closing my Etsy store and what have you.. I've had a DEEp PASSION to take my business to the next level and do some festivals and craftshows. I have had some offers of some local shops wanting my dresses in there stores.. But scared to take the leap.. I'd probalby have to hire some help.. But anyways.. My dh and I rode the Harley to the "Honey Bee Festival" which brought my burning passion to participate in some festivals.. My daughter and her fellower rode in the car, I got her to take some pictures. I wanted some of all the cute booths/shops. She onlly took one with all the Pillowcase dresses.. Which was totally crazy.. That Lady had been a BUSY BEE. Anyways, that totally put my inspiration back up... here is the only picture of her booth if my other daughter didnt' have my camera i would of taking so much more.. there were sooooo many AWESOME booths/shops..
And of course the Honey Bee Starting the parade off..
Now, I want to go and create but first my home needs some attention..