Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For The Home Inspiration Book Giveaway

I have discovered this AWESOME blog this morning... I'm so excited to devour thru all her post and ideas of CREATiveness.. She is having a giveway for a book she is featured in, and I want it.. It will give you more INSPIRATION for your home.. (which I terribly need). Check out her site... You will spend all day or all week there.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Parade Festival

I've always wanted to do a craft show, so I done a local festival we have every year, all the local people come out and celebrate the event.  Me and one of my dearest friends decided to get together and do it. I am so glad we did. I got to see alot of people and friends, family.  And the results of how everyone reacted to my pillowcase dresses were EXCITING!!!  I took some pictures of our little booth.  The next one will be done different, but we will twick it as we go..

 My daughter made some cookies and cupcakes we gave out to all the kiddos.. She loves to bake..And they were so yummy...

It was a FUN, FUN day.. We really enjoyed it.. I sure was tired when I got home..  So I know now what I will work on and devote my time on..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Custom Order and packaging

I had a custom order for these sweet little "Santa Gone Wild" Pillowcase dresses.  They are for two little sisters..

 I wanted to add a little suprise gift for the princesses. The oldest one, which is 5, I made this cute little envie out of a old page of story book and then I CREATed a matchbox pad and added a roll-up crayon. I thought it turned out rather cute.
 Then for the little princess I made a cute little stuffy being she is only 12 months, I thought she might like it..
 This is how they looked when I finished with them.. I was just fixing to place in package.
 This is the package when I finished packaging it.. I call all the little customers princesses, so I added a little magic... to their package..
I do hope they enjoy the dresses as much as I did creating them for them..  Now, off to by grocheries.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have been rather busy the last little while.  Not only with my CREATing, but with family matters.  Here is a few things I've been working on.  This sweet little number was the "FALL" hit of the season, the sweet little candy corn dress.
 Then I CREATed this precious little tutu, hairbow, leggings and let my NOT so happy niece be the model.  I thought it turned out rather cute.
 My brother and sister n law are "hunters" so I thought I'd make this cute little camo dress and get her name Monogramed on it, so she could join her mom and dad on their adventures hunting. lol
 This tag was my BIGGEST seller for Halloween.  It did turn out rather cute.
 This one came in second..
 Come flat notecards I created for a teacher.  I personalized them for the teacher with the school and her name.
 Well, this is the first using this fabric... The flannel is eas but this minky stuff is really challenging. I started out making a blanket, but I didn't like the way it looked so I cute it down and made burpies or lap blankets for babys.  They sure are cuddly and I wouldn't mind wiping my face with them.
 Then I just started using some fabric I've had for a few years and started sewing, sewing, and sewing.
This fall colored one is a cute little number.
 I adore anything "VINTAGE" and it was so hard for me to cut this and turn it into a dress. But I knew it would be adorable.  I love, love how it turned out..
 Go Bulldogs.. Saw this fabric and had to see a little GA fan wearing it..
 Santa gone Wild dress...some more fabric I had stashed away... Adorable...
 And more fabric....
 This is my new design for Christmas... I just adore how this turned out.. I wasn't sure about the ribbon.. But some of my Facebook fans told me to keep it.. And I am glad I did..
 I had a birthday party to go to for a little boy it was his first.  He likes to throw things, so I thought I'd try these little blocks with his name on them.. Then I thought of making a bag with coorindating fabric to put his initial on the front of the drawstring bag.  Turned out to be so Adorable.. It was the "HIT" of the party..
 Tryed this dress with some Christmas colors.. I like the other one better..
 My very first Peasant Dress.  Again I used fabric I had for a while.. and came out with this..
 Some more fabric I had.. But I think this is my ABSOLUTE favorite...
 More fabric...
Today we find out what my daughter is having... I'm excited to see.    Thanks for browsing my little CREATing playground...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life and Inspiration from the Honey Bee Festival

It seems I allow my passion take TOTAL control of me..LOL.. I daydream.. and totally focus ALL my thoughts, desires, will to my crafts. Even to the point of neglecting my home and somewhat my family.. My DH had a heart to heart with me.. So now getting my prioities in order so I can still be able to use my creative outlet so I want go stir crazy.. There for a couple of days I was just thinking of just quit crafting, closing my Etsy store and what have you.. I've had a DEEp PASSION to take my business to the next level and do some festivals and craftshows. I have had some offers of some local shops wanting my dresses in there stores.. But scared to take the leap.. I'd probalby have to hire some help.. But anyways.. My dh and I rode the Harley to the "Honey Bee Festival" which brought my burning passion to participate in some festivals.. My daughter and her fellower rode in the car, I got her to take some pictures. I wanted some of all the cute booths/shops. She onlly took one with all the Pillowcase dresses.. Which was totally crazy.. That Lady had been a BUSY BEE. Anyways, that totally put my inspiration back up... here is the only picture of her booth if my other daughter didnt' have my camera i would of taking so much more.. there were sooooo many AWESOME booths/shops..
And of course the Honey Bee Starting the parade off..
Now, I want to go and create but first my home needs some attention..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hankie Banners

I've been thinking of making some vintage hankie banners. I have been collecting hankies for a few years now and have several. And I have them displayed in my craftroom. But as I'm sitting in the hotel room while my dh is at school I got to thinking of them again, So I googled it this morning. And this is a few of the results.. I think a white on white banner would be pretty for a wedding or bridal shower. Here is a picture from

And here is another picture from Which is adorable too..

And of course one from

I've got a Bridal shower coming up I have to decorate for, I might have to try one for it and I've got a baby shower after the first of the year for my first grand child.. I think it would be sweet to get some of my, my mother and grandmothers from both sides to make one with the cuteness of baby pastel colors..
So today, I'm going to go visit some local thrift stores in this new little town were having to stay in. They don't open until 10:30.. Can't wait to see what kind of treasure I may find.. Anyhow, will post later of my finds... Have a "BLESSED" day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My house in CHOAS so I'm hiding in playground

My daughter has moved home, and if you ever moved you know how choas it can be.. Think of your worst plus ten times is how my home is... So while she trying to put everything back together and go thru things, I'm in my wonderful haven, my playground. A few things I'm playing around with. I'm trying to decide what I want my Christmas cards to look like this year. I know the colors are gonna be red and black or either pink and black. A friend ask me to do some flamingo tags, so I created a few tags and cards.. And added a few halloween tags and cards..

Thanks for visiting.. Tomorrow is FuFu Friday.. I'm working on some FuFu, now..

Some Blog Candy

Blog candy from You can win this.. cool UGH?!

A Blog Candy give-away.. I would love to be able to win...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

67 What's On Your Desk? Wednesday

My desk and Shabby studio is rather shabby and really messy. My daughter did help me some last week, but as soon as I start another project it kind of gets out of hand.

This morning I've got several projects I'm working on: some Halloween cards for a client.

And if you see on top of my sewing machine, I have a cute little candy corn Pillowcase Dress that I've got to put together and get in the mail for another client in Az. The rest of the pictures are some random "Shabby" shots of my little studio.

This something I wrote on my door, my inspiration to me (One day I'm gonna paint the Ugly door, but for now it inspires me by in content "Do something you love and are PASSIONate about and you will succeed." Donald Trumpp

This one shelf houses most of my children ministry things.. I might try to move it into my spare bedroom.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my humble little "Shabby" Studio" my playground. Now I'm off to visit others see what is on their desk... If you would like to join or view what's on everyone's desk hop on over to