Thursday, September 16, 2010

My house in CHOAS so I'm hiding in playground

My daughter has moved home, and if you ever moved you know how choas it can be.. Think of your worst plus ten times is how my home is... So while she trying to put everything back together and go thru things, I'm in my wonderful haven, my playground. A few things I'm playing around with. I'm trying to decide what I want my Christmas cards to look like this year. I know the colors are gonna be red and black or either pink and black. A friend ask me to do some flamingo tags, so I created a few tags and cards.. And added a few halloween tags and cards..

Thanks for visiting.. Tomorrow is FuFu Friday.. I'm working on some FuFu, now..

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  1. Hi Michellee, wow! you weren't kidding you have been having a massive play what a lot of lovely cards and tags, I love the flamingo and the Hallow'een in fact, they're all great. Hope your Daughter sorts it all out soon:0) xxx


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