Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Take time to do what makes your soul Happy..

In celebrating Memorial Day. We had a very sweet service at church.  A small token was presented to all the eons that served in the military of some sort.  It was a rolled up poem with a key attached as a reminder.
The poem reads…

I took the key and added it to my little studio.
As I had the pleasure of spending some LONG OVER DUE TIME creating in my little studio.. Even though my house was in a MESS. I still needed to take a break and relax.. 

My brother is an antique dealer.  He mostly deals with vintage bottles of all sorts.  But sometimes he buys in bulk.  As his stash gets large he will have this AWESOME yard sale.. When I say awesome I mean REALLY cheap deals.  I found this old tin lunch box. 

I started to leave it like it was.. But I have another idea.
After... Pure Loveliness..

 I painted it and added some stamping and shabby loveliness and then filled it to the brim with vintage lace and notions, the cards that the lace and notions are on are homemade.  Thought I turned out rather Shabby Beautiful… I am so proud of it.
 Then I looked on my list and decided to create a purse from an old pair of jean legs I cut off. And an old shirt from a yard sale that I paid $.10 for .  It had some really pretty lace and delightful loveliness on it.  So I cut the sleeves to make a pocket on the outside and cut the middle part of the shirt for the inside and the lace at the bottom was on the bottom side of the shirt.  
The flower on the other side was  stripes of the shirt.  And the straps were made out of the tie thingy of the shirt.  My granddaughter scooped it up and filled it to the brim with all her girly things.  It minds me of a gypsy style.
I’ve been wanting to add some angel wings to my little creative space.  I’ve looked on Pintrest and browsed blogs and finally decided to create my own with some inspiration from other post I saw.  I think it turned out okay.  But the next time I will do some things a little different.  

Angel wings new resting Place
Close-up of the middle. A crown I created out of vintage lace.

close-Up of Wings

 But all and all I had a very relaxing day.  I really enjoyed myself.  My granddaughter came and I wanted to spend some time with her. I am participating in