Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting ready for my first Granddaughter "Meia"

As we've waited so paitently for my first granddaughter, some friends and family got together and decided to bless her gifts.. Abundently of gifts.  It was diffently a "shower of gifts" party. I wanted to share some of the blessings.  My close friends mom helped me decorate with alot of items my grandmother and great grandmother items they made or used in eariler years.
 The center piece for the gift table. Meia's aunt made for her.
 The Shabby Chic DELICOUS cake my cousin made for her. Not only beautiful...
 My wonderful daughter whom is carrying my granddaughter.
My two daughters, My oldest will be down in a few weeks.. I missed her not being there. But she lives out of town.
 One of my WONDERFUL sisters.. If it wasn't for her and her loving heart I don't know what I would do.
 As she opens the AWESOMEST blessings.. The vintage bassent was used by alot of family members, now I think it's not safe to use. But we couldn't part with it.. The blanket inside it was one that my grandmother made.
 There was so many to ADORABLE little outfits.. and abuntance of needs for little Meia.

 I loved the way the little clothesline in the back turned out. It is simply adorable..
 The one and only diaper bag she recieved.. To cute...

 I had to get a picture of this little fellow.. To precious..
 And my little niece.. she is so sweet.
 And a close friend bought this little outfit for me for Meia.. It says Grandma's girl on it.. LOVE IT!!
 This precious little thing won the Clothespin contest of not saying the word "baby".

 This little princess was just plain "too cute"...
 And FINALLY at the end.... of opening ALL her gifts.. a BIG thank you!!
 Now to measure to see whom got the closest to her measurements.. Nykke, her sister standing back watching, got it right on the money.. And she making sure, she is the winner..
 THe great grandmother.. was way off.. That's my mom.. Whom I love dearly..
And I wanted to end it with this AMAZING picture of Meia, when we went to the Dr. on Tuesday.. She weighs 5 pounds 5 oz. Dr. said she sould gain an 1/2 pound a week.. I do hope she isn't going to be as big as Mandy was. Mandy weighted 9lbs 12 oz.

I've gott to get to work.. And Mandy's cousin is gonna come and help her put all the BEAUTIFUL things away and organzie Meia's room..  Hope you have a very BLESSED day..