Saturday, July 11, 2015

Were Bloggers Create

Welcome to my little space..  And thank You visiting.. Hop over to My desert Cottage to Where Bloggers create Party.. to see more awesomeness...  But my little space is a place I go to use my talents God has given me. My house is more modern, (for my honey) but me, I love vintage, granny shabby chic style.. And thats how I try to turn my little space into...  I love to come in here to relax, if it is just to sit and look around, it makes me smile.. Its small, but its mine.. Hope you enjoy your visit

I love to create things shabby chic with lots of vintage linen's and papers.
I don't take the time to post alot or most of my creations.. I hope this year I will do more of that. I am a junker, you can see..  Alot things are giving to me. and some I find out junkn, yardsales etc.
this is to the left when you walk into my space.  I love my doll my granny gave me when I was 10.
When you walk in this is what you see.   My sewing area mainly
 A little stock pile of vintage music paper, was giving to me...
Some more storage for some supplies and pretties.
My paper crafting table, I use sometimes and most of the time I like getting in my floor.
I collect hankies and love the banner , I use it for photo shoots.  
My chest is filled with stamping supplies and wrapping supplies and my free paper sorter is getting full.
Just a few photos of random supplies and storage
through out my studio I use teacups and china to display and store alot of my little supplies
I love this cabinet It holds so much supplies. In the baby bassinet on top and behind the doors holds vintage pieces of linens
just a few pieces I display
Thanks for stopping by.. I am off to visit more studios... so excited


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Busy times...

It has been so busy around here.. I don't get to create much.  Every now and then I get to create a little dress..  Well a few week. But... my
 photography business has taking off somewhat.  This past fall I had the pleasure of doing some senior pictures...
 Miss Ambri Lynn sporting one of my dresses.  (she is a little girl my daughter keeps at my home)

 And some family photos..  I love the beach.
 My granddaughter turned 4 in April.. We done a little photo session for her invites,  I made this sweet little MEIA dress.  Her theme of her party was "My Little Pony"
 My Christmas present. Sosha.  I really don't have time for a dog.  But she is sweet.
 A few shots from a weddings, newborn and family sessions.

i'm hoping I will be able to create today with paper. I will share later..  I feel I really need it.  It just does something to me.. Makes me smile inside.
Until latter...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A New Addition to my Craftroom

It has been tooooooo long since I have taken the time to visit... And to create.   Oh how I missed it.  Alot has happened since my last post. I will share that at a later time.  But for now, I wanted to share my lasted addition to my craftroom.  My husband wanted me to go with him to Savannah to spend sometime together.  So I went, we spent three hours in a tool store...  But I did score this cool storage caddy.  It was black but we painted it an almond color.  It is currently hosting my ribbons and trims.  I just love. it.
My craft caddy
filled with eye candy

 When we first pulled up to the tool store, I was dreading this little adventure, but right when I walked in I saw this and it was on sale.  I was so tickled... I also picked up a few other items I think will be handy to craft with.
Some of shabby seam binding
I will share some of my creations later. And I will be blog hopping with
Shabby Art Boutique
The Charm of Home
Common Ground
and CREATING today with  all my favorite blogs.. So excited... 
Hope you have a great day.. Until next time, which it want be long..

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Shabby Christmas gift

My niece married her all time sweetheart this year.  I wanted to do something special for her for Christmas. And she LOVES shabby chic style, so I created this ornament for the happy couple since it was their first Christmas together. I really love how it turned out, and she did too.