Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hankie Banners

I've been thinking of making some vintage hankie banners. I have been collecting hankies for a few years now and have several. And I have them displayed in my craftroom. But as I'm sitting in the hotel room while my dh is at school I got to thinking of them again, So I googled it this morning. And this is a few of the results.. I think a white on white banner would be pretty for a wedding or bridal shower. Here is a picture from www.recycledsewing.com

And here is another picture from impressedinc.com Which is adorable too..

And of course one from www.erindreisback.blogger.com.

I've got a Bridal shower coming up I have to decorate for, I might have to try one for it and I've got a baby shower after the first of the year for my first grand child.. I think it would be sweet to get some of my, my mother and grandmothers from both sides to make one with the cuteness of baby pastel colors..
So today, I'm going to go visit some local thrift stores in this new little town were having to stay in. They don't open until 10:30.. Can't wait to see what kind of treasure I may find.. Anyhow, will post later of my finds... Have a "BLESSED" day.


  1. Oh Michellee, what a super idea, I've not seen these before, have lots of fun searching for the hankies :0) xx


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