Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some new additions to my craftroom..

Here are a few Additions to my craftroom..
This is part of an old door that fell apart. I've used it for several different things, and thought it might be cool hanging it in my craftroom to hang cute things on. Gotta add more stuff to it though..

I copied this from someone else. I had this old jewerly hanger in my closet with nothing in it. thought I could use it to put embellishments for sewing in it.. cool idea I borrowed from another blogger..

This little cabient I upcycled and added to my room today to hold my jars and lace.

Random pictures of the cabient..

Thanks for visiting today.. Gotta work on some projects and sew five little dresses.


  1. Hi Michellee. Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment for me. It made my day!
    YOUR blog is such a lovely "place". I enjoyed looking around and seeing all the pretty stuff you have made. You are truly crafty (unlike me).
    Be careful, WOYWW is addictive!

  2. Hi there, love how you've arranged all your pretty bottles and jars the shelves are great, I agree a lovely place, your blog:) xx

  3. nice blog you have here. I like shabby too but don't know how to work it, :(

    I love your tags too!



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