Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working Away....but feels like I'm playing..

Well, I've sewing up a storm trying to get caught up with all my Etsy orders. This morning first thing I finished these two White eylet Pillowcase dresses for some teny tiny little ones.. They are so sweet...

Taking a break from sewing for a few minutes. And look what I found...OOHHLALA... Can't wait to get these inside and cleaned up. Inside of each of the sealed bottles is all different kinds of beads, glass, wood, ceramic, all kinds.. Totally exciting.. And the beautiful dishes.. O MY GOODNESS!!! I love all the junk in the little bowl. Some yummies to create something Glittery..... YES!!! My imiagination is going wild... And I just love clock faces.. Something new I've started collecting.

Now to take a small walk around the yard, to exercise my legs and to get a breath of fresh air. Some flowers around the yard. Not many but they are pretty to look at.

Well, Gotta start back sewing again. These dresses will not get done on there on. Hopefully I'll be able to ship in the morning.

I love my job... Creating...Thanks for stopping by today.. And blessings to you.

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  1. oh i love finding stuff to create with! and clock faces are really great, aren't they?


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