Monday, July 16, 2012

Were Bloggers Create 2012

I get so excited waiting on this day to come.. Peeking into other creative people studios..That So here are a few pictures of my studio.  This is were I do most of creations, like paper crafts,etc.

 I love creating on my machines.. I found half of a door and made it my thread holder..

 This shoe bag is filled with all kinds of trim and yummies to add to my creations.

 Some of my lace ...
 This is kind of a view when you walk in this is what you see.
 The vintage armiore that I upcycled and now it holds some of the dresses my adorable granddaughter has outgrown that I can't depart with. I love the vintage slip hanging.
 Some of my fabric.. I need to straighten up and paint the shelf, (maybe by next year). ON top of the shelf is still storage of an old vintage purse it has some of my finished cards and tags.  The vintage jewerly boxes house some of my rhinestones and gems.
 Just some of the thinks I collect and add.
 A few of my stamps I use regularly. I have more stashed in a drawer.
 My apron I made when I'm creating and doing craftshows.
Thanks for visiting my studio. I can't wait to see everyone elses.
Love, Michelle


  1. I can't give up my little one's outgrown dresses either!

  2. Enjoyed my visit to your wonderful creative area..everywhere you turn ....there is so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing, Best Wishes, Bobbie

  3. We both love dress forms and lace! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!

  4. What a fun studio space you have! You certainly do have a lot of fabric! lol... I recently cut up some cardboard boxes into long rectangles and wrapped fabric around each one. Now my fabric stash looks like a stores rack of fabric :-)

  5. You've got such a pretty creative space, Michelle! It reminds me a lot of my own, although mine is smaller. Love all your fabric. I just organized mine better after I posted my tour. Got two pretty bins for them to sit in. I've also got plans to paint. The two tables in my room. Love that armoire and that you have some of your granddaughter's outgrown dresses. Thanks so much for sharing your space!

  6. Lovely studio space, love that child sized wardrobe filled with garments. Thank you for sharing.

  7. So full of color, great fabric pieces. I was distracted by Tink getting her dust spanked out of her.

  8. Love your space... so cozy and colorful. I will definitely be back to see your creations.... Thanks for sharing your space!

    Take care,

  9. From one Michele to another, your space looks like loads of fun and ready for creativity. I wish I lived close to you and I would have you help me with my hair! lol

  10. Thank you so much for joining the party Michelle! Your studio space is wonderful! I'm loving that lace collection of yours!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Thank you for the lovely tour. I love your Amour. Its lovely. Love all your beautiful things. Have a great day. Angela

  12. Hi there Michelle! It's nice to meet and follow you! Your studio looks lovely~ You must have a blast in there!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  13. How lovely, I like that you keep the things you use most out and at the ready! I appreciate you participating in the hop and allowing us into your space.

  14. Love how organized your studio is! Such a fun place to create, very cute too! Marcia

  15. I so enjoyed peeking at your candid photos. You are organized and I can see that you are very busy with the creative process. Love that spool wall. Thanks for sharing, keep smiling and creating


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