Monday, June 22, 2009


I've been out for surgery for a week and 3 days. I am feeling better. Thank the Lord.. But this morning sitting at my computer, Praising the Lord for a new day of health. And still thinking of what my passions are. I have several you know. Of course, the pillowcase dresses. Taking pictures and doing hair, working with children at my local church. And I know I should just concentrate on one or two things and get really good at it. But trying to decided which is most prize passion, it is so hard. I am weeding things out; but I reckon the time will come and I will know that I know. But for now, I will continue to make the adorable pillowcase dresses and post them on Etsy, take pictures whenever I get a chance, still do hair when I get able and most surely of all continue to work with the children at my church. Here is a few pictures I have taken of some friends of daughters children. One has one of my eyelet pillowcase dresses on.

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