Friday, June 26, 2009

Being Still..

You know I have been out for surgery and as I get better I'm wanting to do things, Even though the Doctor has told and warned me that is when people really hurt themselves; that they start to feel better and over do it and mess themselves up for life. So... I am trying to BE STILL.. It is very hard for me. That has been my prayer this last year, that I can BE STILL, not only physically but spiritual. I have felt like I have been still spiritually; but really I haven't. LIke the song. Rest my soul, well I really really haven't been resting my soul, until now. You have to rest your mind. I allow it to go 100 miles a second, not slowing down to concentrate on things very long. But then Sometimes, God makes you rest even your kicking and screaming.. He needs me to rest my soul so that I can hear Him.. And REALLY no what my true/His true passion for me is..

That is something I have been really dwelling on this past little while. Which is my true talent passion. As i have laid in bed or on the couch "BEING STILL" reading God's word and praying, I feel it inside of me wanting to burst out... Yes, the devil has tried to put other things to get in the way. But God will make you restless so you will come back and rest in Him and seek His passion for your life. Yes, there are some other things that have to weeded out, but for now I'm learning and listening, preparing for what He is showing me, what He is birthing in me. Being Still in His pressence.

Thank you God for your faithfulness. For putting me a place so that I don't have NO choice to but to BE STILL..

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