Monday, January 24, 2011

Exciting... CREATE ing..

I had to set some goals for this New Year.. To CREATE a little each day.. CREATing is like Prozact to me.. It is my medication!! It helps me get threw the day. I had a couple of dresses I had to finish and get in the mail today. So while I was in my "playground" I had fun with these few projects.

 It reminds me of the Paris Erea
 I think this is one of my favorites..
 A little of Victorian
 I was thinking vintage baby shower
 I love this one too.. Vintage Victorian..
 Just some valentine paper
 I had to try out my new Verve Stamps.. Some of my favorite verses

But this verse is my MOST favorite... This is what God whispered in my ear when I'm trying to be a Martha. I can't fix things.. Only He can.. I love the song to "Still"..


  1. Hi! I'm Shawna (Shawna on SwapBot) and I'm one of your partners for "Follow My Blog". Your daughter is beautiful and she has a wonderful other half. The pictures are gorgeous. I wish I could have done something similar when I was pregnant. Makes for a great begining of a baby scrapbook! I love the gift tags you've made! I will be back later to sift through some of the links you've posted, etc. I am following your blog now, but on a private setting. :)

  2. Eek! These are so amazing! And the pictures of your daughter are so beautiful! So much love!! yay!! Im so glad that shes so happy! This is ichigoshortcake from swapbot btw!! xxxx

  3. Wow, such beautiful tags and photos. Very creative!

    BTW I'm Gwenelle from swap-bot, one of your partners on "Follow my Blog". Nice to "meet" you!

  4. Beautiful tags! I wish I could make things that are so beautiful :) Maybe someday after a lot of practice! Haha keep up the great work and congratulations on your new granddaughter Meia!!


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