Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have been so busy.... I created these adorable, simple thank you cards for my daughter's shower gifts. Since she likes elephants, that is what I went with. I thought they turned out so chic and cute.
 more thank you notes for her showers.

 Just a spring dress...to add to my Etsy shop...
 I have fell in love with the color aqua..
 This pattern reminds me of shabby chic, simple life..
 and the daisy that makes me smile dress... very cheerful.. I created this for a customer.
 And some simple burp clothes..

 And these are my newest addition... They can be used as a burp cloth or washcloth.. I created these with my granddaughter in mind.. I love the colors and the shabby chic pink toile.. Simply adorable..
 This was CREATEd for a customer.. One of my favorite designs.
Well, that's all I have to share for now.  I've gotten straighten up my craftroom and cook some supper before my customer comes and before I go to the Women's  Bible Study tonite. We are studying "Made to Crave".. It is really good..  Well, many blessings to you..

Love, Michellee

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  1. So cute! I found a vintage pillow case at a thrift shop for $1. Blue and green with daisies. Typical. Looking for some inspiration before I cut into it. Yikes!


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