Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Women CREATE III

I wait so patiently all year for this day to come..over on
Not so much to really share my creative space, but to explore everyone elses AWESOME creative spaces, every inch of them. And still when I need some inspiration I go back and drool over them again again. I have finally decided to participate, I don't really have a grand studio, but it is all mine. I call it "Shabby" because it is thrown together with scrap wood.  I didn't get everything finished as I liked, but this will have to do for this year.  So to begin, this is what you will see as you enter in from the door.

 This is behind the door.. A few vintage flower girl dresses, and my rake that I turned into a ribbon rack. At the bottom of the picture, I have one of my vintage pillowcase dress displayed.
 A close up picture of the rake ribbon rack. Love the pink.

 The opposite wall of the door, I have my childhood doll my Grandmother gave me, I have had her since I was 8 years old.
 One of my beautiful sweet hats with some needlepoint of my first daughters birth.
 UGGG!! Now, I didn't get to organizing these shelves. Iwanted to paint the brown one, but didn't get to.. So here is my mess of fabric. The vintage pieces are on the bottom shelves.  The top baskets have ribbon, punches, buttons in jars, etc.
 This is my JUNK wall, something I need to work on, but some of my supplies are kept here.
 All those suitcases are full of dollies, hankies, notecards, etc.  The blue bonnet is my husbands triple great granny.  The Chest has all my gift wrapping supplies in it.
 My newest addition.. I just love it.
 I hung my demo pillowcase dresses in it. Ican't believe I got all 50 dresses stuck in there. More storage underneath them.
 All the dresses are full of ribbon, I did get to go thru them and put all the same colors in bags and in the same drawer.
 My wall on the right side.
 My ironing board table with jars full of treasures underneath.
 And of course my eyelet lace. Yummy!

This is my apron I created out of an vintage pillowcase. I wear it when I'm creating and doing craft shows.
 My little hanging supply of notions.

 Close up m y apron.
 Just some fluff ..
 My sewing area.

 My papercraft area.
 Some of my stamps.

 I love Raggedy Ann and Andy
 The little sitting bench that is at my paper craft table has all these lusious vintage wedding dress pieces and lace.

 A vintage slip I adore.
 I have these old jewerly boxes filled junk jewerly. I want to paint the brown white or  cream. Don't you adore the wicker pocket book..
 I store some samples from my Etsy sop in it.
 Stash of my binding
 I love my stool. It is sooo heavy.

 When I get to come and work/create in my "Shabby Studio" is such a JOY.. I just don't get to do it as much as I would like.
 A vintage change purse to hold some envies..
 The angel is a gift from a friend.
 Inside one of my drawers. I like to use cupcake pans
 Inside the other one.
 My stash of old books and paper
 My suitcase full of dollies, hankies, scraves. I need a bigger suitcase.
Well, I do hope you enjoyed my little CREATive space. Nothing fancy.. But it is mine.   Now to go and lust after eveyone elses CReative spaces..



  1. I love your fabulous space Michellee. Wow. I'd love to get in there and just look around (you might be missing a few things if I do). I keep saying that as everyone I've visited has the most wonderful stuff.

    Create with joy and continue to follow your dreams. What fun it was stopping by. LOVED IT!


  2. I too love your space. You have a lot of greta items to work with...happy creating.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful space. It is easy to see how you create such lovely things. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  4. Thank you for the tour. The ribbon rack is a great idea!

  5. My favorite is the doll hanging on the wall wearing the green dress. Love her a lot. Your grouping of things is so organized and exciting to think about. This is a creative haven. *smiles* Norma

  6. Hi Michellee thanks so much for stopping by my studio! I adore yours! I especially love the doll your grandmother gave you and the wardrobe filled to the brim with dress, oh my so beautiful!!



  7. You are soo like me, stuff , stuff, and more stuff. You can never have to much stuff!!! That's were are real creative side comes in, figuring out where to but all our stuff!! Thanks for sharing!! Love it all. ! Hugs ---Sandie

  8. Wow you have lots of stuff to work with on your creations. Seems like no matter how large the space, an artist can fill it to the brim. My space has so many windows there isn't much storage which was a design error on my part. Love all your touches.

  9. Love your creative space. Lot of things and lots of creative journeys ahead. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love your space! Especially all of the furniture :D Soooooo pretty! I was swooning at every picture :) Thank you for sharing your studio with us!


  11. Really great creative space and how clever is that to recycle a rake to hang ribbons from! TFS!!

  12. Hello!1 WOW!! What a great studio packed with so much eye candy!! So many pretty things to see!! i love the rake idea .
    Love the apron made from an old pillowcase!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  13. Looks like you have a fabulous space with all sorts of wonderful things to create with! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  14. Lots and lots of fun things. I love the rake holding the ribbon, how clever!!!

  15. I really enjoyed visiting here. It certainly looks as though you have eveything at your fingertips for creating with no shortages on supplies. Thanks for the tour.

  16. What a nice space you have! It looks like you can create almost anything.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie

  17. Aloha Michelle,
    You've certainly created a wonderful space for yourself! Seems you have all your supplies and treasures at your fingertips.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely space.

  18. What a beautiful creative space you have out there...lots of yummies and goodies!
    Thanks for sharing your creative world.
    Have a beautiful day,


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