Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why is letting go so hard, even when you know God tells you too? Creating Again... Yay!!!

I've been so busy with Grandchildren, Family, Beauty Salon, Children's Ministry, my regular job, my husbands elderly grandparents. I haven't took time to post creations, (what little I have gotten to do) but....
 I had to make some really hard decisions, but with God's guidance He has made me let go of somethings that took my time. I feel like I haven't been able to give a 100% any wheres.  As I prayed for God to take things away that I couldn't give it up on my own, cause I loved everything so much. And by the way, I've tried to not do somethings, tried to not do so much with my time. I still accommodated my clients to ALL my time..  Then what was left which was VERY little, to my family and ministry.  So as I was praying someone out of the blue wanted to buy my salon that I haven't thought of selling, I know this is the Lord, cause of the way I've been praying and fasting.  So since we had a bad weather day at my real job, I got to enjoy a little creating..
Just some dollar store paper dollies hearts and cut out some hearts on my cricut.  Will be sharing more.. Pictures of my craft studio, We've moved and I have been trying to create me a little space that makes me SMILE...

But for now.. See you soon... Happy CREATE-ing..

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