Friday, January 16, 2009


Born in a small farm town, with 5 brother and sisters me being the oldest. My past away when I was six from drinking and driving. A few years later my mom married a wonderful christian man. Which became a preacher. I was saved at age seven. But didn't know how of having a true relationship with God. I didn't fall totally in love with Jesus and understand Him until aobut 10 years ago. I have three beautiful young adult daughters that God has taught me so much through them. I am married to wonderful man that is seeking after God. And we learn so much together about unconditional love, patience, joy, longsuffering, peace, prayer.
I am the Children's Minister/Director at out local church. God has blessed us with an AWESOME bunch of children and workers. I have a beauty shop at my home I work in partime and I work at out local Board of Ed. as a Special Education Secretary.
As I take life's journey in finding out God's plan for my life, praying, reading His word and sharing His blessings, my trials.

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