Thursday, May 21, 2009

My week.

This week has been soooo CRAZYYYY!! First of all, I didn't make my menu for the week and that throws me all out of sorts. It is plum crazy how somthing so simple can make a week stressful. I knew better. I know to take the time and do this.. but anywho...

We, my husband and I and another couple suppose to be riding to the mountains on the Harley next weekend. If it rains I don't want to go. Stevie said we could go anywho, I just don't think so. I don't like getting wet. I really don't even like swimming. so... we will see.

Stevie's birthday is Sunday, I think I'm going to have him a surprise gift for a change... I hope he will anyways..

Lord, help us through the day, help me to get all my work done in Jesus name AMEN.

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