Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is REALLY important to me??!

Yesturday, I made two more pillowcase dresses. While I was making them my best friend called with bad news; her mom was in the hosptial in CCU waiting to be shipped to St. Vinceint ( a Heart Speciality Hospital). Yes, I took the time to talk with her, but the whole time I was wanting to get off the phone and finish the dress I was currently working on. Then another close friend called, that is pregnut and having a lot of complications and she had to go back to the doctor and she started sharing what was going on. And again I talked to her and listened and still was thinking about the dress I was working on, and trying to shake myself to get my mind on the hurting person on the other end. I finished the dresses, but God got a hold of me. What I needed to be doing is listening and praying RIGHT THEN praying for what was going on with them not what I am doing. I had to realize what was really important to me.

When I get my mind of something, I am full force, can't think of nothing else. And want to put everything I've got into it. Then there is nothing left for anyone else.

Lord, Help ME!!! I need you today. I love you...

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