Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting my life back to normal

I'm feeling better as each day goes by. Thank God. I 'm trying not to worry about the test I have to have on the 22nd. I'm trying not to have caffine, it is so hard not having my cup of coffee first thing in the morning. I'm hoping this will make that I want have to have any test come the 22nd. Lord, Help me.

I want to get my house back to normal. Get it really clean, cabients organized, menus planned, clothes washed and put away, floors mopped and bathrooms cleaned. My sister wanted to come and help so we can switch it out for me doing her hair. I told her to come on when she gets ready. So I'm waiting paitently.

I have to complete 8 dresses today and get them shipped out. I felt like that was what I was supose to do make these little dresses. But they have become a nuisance. As I started last Firday to make them, I was so overwhelmed with the thought of having to go back t work in a couple of weeks and not getting anything done that I wanted to do in this time of healing, that I go kept messing up with the sewing. I had to rip out and resew things. And the lady that does my monograming said she could do it first thing Friday morning, well when I called that evening about 5 she said she didn't have time to get to it and it will be first thing Monday morning. UGGHH. That stressed me out. I wanted to do something that didn't stress me out. And this has become a problem for me. I thought the Lord was leading me to do this. But maybe it was God allowing me to do this to be taught a lesson. A nd to put my life at prespective.

My family is my prioity. Doing for them. I have tend to lost sight of that a few times. Getting so busy and putting them on the back burner. A saying that I kept remembering, "If the devil can't get you to do something wrong, he will make you busy" well that is so true. Before I even realize it I am doing something, hair, ministry, doing for others, crafting, on the web, tkaing picutures. Which I have to do this week. Not doing what I need and my hearts desire right here at home. Taking care of it and the people that are in it. Preparing a delious healthy meal for my hard working husband and Mandy.

But last nite as I was clicking through the channels on TV i stopped and listened to TD Jakes, about my children, inviting them over and putting the word in them not really preaching to them but loving them quoting scripture. My children are good kids, but they have strayed away. I have to try to reach them.

Lord, help me to prepare a meal and invite them over and share your love. And Lord, help me with our money. To have a savings, to payoff bills early. To get my home duties in order. That is my prayer today. You gave me this home, help me to take care of it and help me to have the spirit of hospitily Lord, thank you for putting this desire in me. In Jesus Name Amen.

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