Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have one week left, unless the Doctor makes me stay out longer and all the test come back normal. These six weeks have flown by. Finally the fifth week I'm feeling so much better. I went with my sister and her girls and took a few senior pictures. It was fun but tiring. They are so beautiful.
My sister helped me get my craft room in order. Thank God for her.. She is organized and that is were I'm lacking.. Now I can go in and create and enjoy myself. Why is it when everything is in order you wake up feeling so much better?
I've been praying for God's direction for my life. For a While... But I haven't been a stressing like I was at one time. I'm not going to get caught back up in the craziness of life like before my surgery. So busy you could hardly breathe. Doing for others. I'm going to continue to do for others but not so much to putting my family on back burner. I know under God's direction everything will work out. Lord help me to totally trust you and for me not to over ride what you want and me do what Michelle wants. I think I want. Because most of the time I think I want to do this or that and when I do it, I realize I don't. but you never know until you try. Right?
We had Stevie's grandfathers 90th birthday party last nite at his church. It was nice for his church to throw such a party with all the good home cooking food, All my..
I tried on several outfits I can not wear them. I have gained so much weight. I need to drop a few pounds. I've been watching what I eat, I just haven't been able to do exercise yet. I'm pretty sure the Dr. will release me to do some, so I'm hoping with that I can lose a little weight just to fit back into my clothes.
Lord, Help us through this day. help me to stay focused on you and what your will for my life is. In Jesus Name AMEN..

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