Sunday, August 2, 2009


I go back to work on Tuesday. Which I'm nervous about. All the work.. the atomosphere.. I've enjoyed the break and still not all the way healed, but I know, I'm on the way to feeling so much better. I've been trying to figure out not to over book myself, my time.. When I start back to work, to just do hair one day a week. Plan a day to do children ministry. They have talked about paying me, but I don't see that anytime right now. Trusting the Lord in that. I do have a few dresses to make, have got to mail them tomorrow. I saw an old friend, she wants me to take picutes of her girls (senior pictures) which is exciting, but too, I don't want to get so busy again. Lord, help me to know how to say NO.. to help me stay focus on you and your will for my life. Lord, help me to exercise , now there is another subject.. I'm going to start exerciseing and eating healthy. I have to lose a little weight and tone up a good bit. I've never been like this and I don't wnat to get worse. Lord, help. help me to stay focused.. at my job, exercise, time, family, bills, meals, doing your work.

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