Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've made a decision.. Thank you Father. It has been a hard one. And it is going to be hard telling my customers. I'm not doing my beauty salon business anymore. I've realized, it takes so much of my time. It controls me and I can't seem to control it. Now to send thank you notes to all my customers, and to personally tell some very faithful ones, that will probalby get upset with me. But I've got to take care of me and my family second, first God. This decision will allow me to do more with ministry and with my family. I will have to manage our spending closer. which I should have been doing so more. I am excited about this change. Ready to give God, my job, family and ministry 100%. Learning to say no.. Is going to be hard for me. But with the Lord's help I will continue on. Thank you Jesus for being so faithful and loving me.

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